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16 May 2010 @ 11:59 pm
*MY dear LJ friends please pay attention to this!*

....to this account.......
I'm moving my ass to other one!

It's been a while here and I need changes so those who still feel they
would like to keep an eye on me go ahead an add

Those  who don't, oh well xD

Since I have some graphics posted on here, I might leave this account working but not active anymore,
so you can do whatever you like with it, leave it or delete it.

Well folks, see ya in the other world! lol
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11 February 2010 @ 11:26 pm
Well I finally did what I was about to do. I wanted to share this with you guys. These are pretty much HQ photos of the calendar. I know they are a bit grainy, sorry for that...^^"
At least something I can share with you all ^_^
So enjoy!


THE LINK WAS BROKEN, Sorry everyone!

Feel free to take and use them but don't claim as yours ^_~

P.S. Um if I won't be able to drop you all a message tomorrow, then I'm saying bye and will greet you all already from Romania..I hope so...because now I'm having problems here with everything, so at least I hope there will be no problems with internet there...*sigh*
07 February 2010 @ 03:26 pm
That's what I'm working on right now....Actually I don't know if it will come out ok...because I already failed with the face..>_> And it's always like that, it looks like it lacks sooooooo little to be perfect...*sigh*
And I chose such a wrong picture...the lighting is damn idiotic... And um...yeah I'm drawing on a paper for watercolors, which gives me even more troubles. I usually draw on a really cheep paper for draughtsmanship because it's the best for shading...But I don't have any right now, so watercolors' paper was the closest o that...

Is that face even recognizable?....>_>

I'm not even improoving you know?
My latest works are at the same level..